Organic cotton

The organic cotton represents a return to healthy and sustainable practices. It is grown with natural fertilizer and pesticides and without chemicals. Farmers consider organic soil as a living being, in which all the natural floral and fauna are important to maintain their balance and health.

With conservation techniques, such as crop rotation and green manure, the soil remains fertile and can thus strenghten crops, so that they grow well and, in turn, are resistant to pests. It is possible to obtain inputs from the same farm, as is the example of the "remedies" that are used for the control of pests.

Organic Cotton Fibre

Certified organic basis for standards-NOP-USDA for USA, JAS for Japan and EEC 2092/91 for the European Union.

The production in the field is made through hundreds of small farmers associated with Aratex Organica operated on the basis of an organic certification group, production contracts and long-term purchase, as well as an internal control system. Aratex Orgánica supports farmers through training programs, credit and payment of a premium for organic quality and production of certified seeds for planting. Sowing and harvesting are made by hand.

100 % made in Paraguay...from seed to finished products.

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