* The Company

Background: Agrícola KH - Arasy Orgánica - Aratex Orgánica

1998: The company Agrícola KH S.A. was founded, dedicated to the production and marketing of stevia with rural small scale farmers of the North east of Paraguay.

Year 2001-2: Beginning of the organic farming plan through Arasy Orgánica, as a Division of Agrícola KH S.A.. First sowing and harvest through a group of small farmers certified by IMO Switzerland and QAI, for products such as sesame seeds, stevia and lemon verbena.

Year 2002: Start of production and marketing of non organic certified sesame seeds, parallel to the organic farming plan, to come to aprox. 10.000 small farmers in 2007.

Year 2003: First harvest of organic cotton with the group of certified small farmers; Arasy Orgánica was established as an independent Corporation.

Year 2004: First spinning and weaving with organic cotton.

Year 2005: First tests of organic cotton clothing.

Year 2006: Further development of export markets for garments, and initiation of wholesale and retail sales in the local market in Paraguay. Organic certification throughout the whole organic cotton production chain (seed, fibre, yarn, fabric, final products).

Year 2007: Significant increase in cultivated area of organic cotton, reaching 400 has, 530 producers. Arasy receives Certification of Fair Trade “Fair for life " through IMO Switzerland.

Year 2008: the whole organic cotton business unit becomes independent from the company Arasy Organica, with a new name "Aratex Organica.".

* Textile Production 

For cotton, Aratex Organica has built in Paraguay a network of production from planting to finished garment, the wide range of products ranging from hand-made products to classic garments.

The ginning, spinning, weaving and dyeing are subcontracted through local industries, supervised in accordance with social and ecological standards.

Finally, the garment is made by selected confections family units and factories.

Aratex Organica is responsible for the planning and design of products throughout the chain, often in conjunction with customers according to market requirements.

* Raw Material - Organic and Fair certification by IMO-Swiss USA, Japan and Fair Trade Certification.

Agricultural production is made by 550 small producers who work in partnership on the basis of individual purchase contracts, committed to meeting strict standards and systems of quality control.

Producers receive support through training programs, credits, and extra payments for production with organic certified quality. The cultivation and harvesting is made by hand.

100 % made in Paraguay...from seed to finished products.

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