What´s behind?

  * Production chain development... from seed to finished product
The organic garments are created by ARATEX ORGANICA, who develops the process from seed to clothing.

  * Local origin... in the heart of South America

All production processes - agricultural production, ginning, spinning, weaving and confection - are made in Paraguay.

  * Organic and Fair... Certification level agricultural and industrial
Production with environmental and social responsibility. All production is managed through external controls and organic certification through formal IMO Switzerland-based on GOTS (Global Textile Organic Standards), according to the Regulations of the European Union, USA And Japan, and Fair Trade Certification - IMO FAIR FOR LIFE.  

   * Manual harvest ... Working with small farmers
The seed and the cotton harvest is done by hand, by 550 small farmers associated with ARATEX ORGANICA.

   * Ancient Traditión... Paraguay as a country
Cotton has a long tradition in Paraguay, as it was grown and processed from the time of the Indians. Until today, it is the most important crop income for the hundreds of thousands of small farmers in the country. 

   * Thinking of our planet... Guarani aquifer
The area of cotton production is located on one of the freshwater reserves in the world, the Guarani Aquifer. With organic production, together, we can help to preserve them.

100 % made in Paraguay...from seed to finished products.

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